dissabte, 31 de gener de 2015

Chico Marx al piano

Volem començar l'any amb una cosa divertida. I què millor que veure un recull dels millors talls de pel·lícules dels Germans Marx on intervé un piano_

En aquest vídeo es recullen extractes d'aquestes pel·lícules:

0:00 The Cocoanuts (1929) "Gypsy Love Song" as Signor Pastrami the Lithuanian Pianist

1:57 Animal Crackers (1930) "Silver Threads Among the Gold" as Signor Emmanuel Ravelli

3:26 Monkey Business (1931) "Pizzicatto / When I Take My Sugar to Tea" as Chico

5:12 Horse Feathers (1932) "Collegiate" as Baravelli the piano teacher

6:33 A Night at the Opera (1935) "All I Do Is Dream Of You" as Fiorello

8:11 A Day at the Races (1937) "Hungarian Rhapsody #2" and "On The Beach at Bali Bali" as Tony

10:24 At The Circus (1939) "Beer Barrel Polka" as Antonio

12:08 Go West (1940) "The Woodpecker Song" as Joe Panello

14:03 The Big Store (1941) "Mamãe eu Quero" as Ravelli assisted by Harpo (in the film his name is Wacky)

16:57 Night In Casablanca (1946) "Hungarian Rhapsody #2," "Beer Barrel Polka," and "Moonlight Cocktail" as Corbaccio (PS I put the wrong date for Hungarian Rhapsody,,,should be 1847 not 1947)

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